Legendary Yves Saint Laurent!

He says little more than “yes” and “no” as the panel tries to figure out who he is and he tries to figure out what the heck all these goofy Americans are even talking about. Whole sentence, “Je suis enchanté de vous voir” means “I’m happy to meet you”. It is interesting to observe young future legend. You also might notice than his eyes are a little bit crazy and also he feels unconfident becouse of foreign language.

Yves Saint Laurent holds up a drawing of his cocktail dress design that won him first prize in 1953 in a fashion drawing competition in Paris. His success in the contest led to his job with the Christian Dior team of designers.

“Fashion come and go but style is eternal.” These immortal words were spoken by Yves Saint Laurent himself. He created style….not fashion.

We’ve visited the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition at the de Young museum in San Francisco and were amazed how the master couturier, with such magnificent genius, redefined modern women’s wear.
Seeing a picture or a video of something is very different from seeing the same exact thing in front of your eyes. The beauty of the over 120 ensembles exposed is most definitely of every fashion and art fan’s enjoyment. Hope someday I will also visit this place!

Yves Saint Laurent: The man who changed the way women dress forever.

Best wishes!



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