Marvellous dresses of Zac Posen

Ten years ago, covered Zac Posen’s first big New York show. reviewer then said that his dresses “pushed the notion of glamour to the extreme.” Zac Posen gave his 2012 Fall collection a Japanese theme. There were peony jacquards, Tokyo reds, and Imperial blues on his program.

Fall 2012-13

Zac Posen is coming up on his tenth anniversary in business. His first decade as a designer has been full of highs and lows, but he’s definitely on the upswing after a Spring collection that marked his return to New York fashion week after a year-long decampment in Paris.

Pre-Fall 2012

More, more, more is the usual marching order at Zac Posen. For Fall 2012, he clipped his wings a bit, but you couldn’t help feeling that the effort cramped his style.

Fall 2012

Having shown his new contemporary collection, Z Spoke, at home in New York, Zac Posen decided to present his signature line in Paris. Gutsy move. The competition here is nothing if not formidable; then again, Posen has never been a shy guy.

Fall 2011

 “It’s important to take risks,” the designer said, adding that Resort was a chance to further define what distinguishes his designer-priced wares from the less expensive ones. This season, it’s double-faces, bouclés, and transparent crepes, plus lots and lots of faux pearls.

Fall 2011

Pre-Fall 2010

Zac Posen avoided the forties-tinged Victoriana of his Fall collection to focus on more modern, real-world clothes. It was a sensible move.

Real -world dress 😀

Fall 2010

Enough gorgeousness for tonight’s evening.

Good night.


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